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Last Wednesday a dozen of people gathered in the International Resource Centre to spend the evening telling and listening to stories and songs. It was the first Tralee Storytelling Evening! As the organizers of this event, L and me are very satisfied with the outcome of this first edition. The dream of having a storytelling night in our town is now become a reality! We had stories from Hungary, Uganda, Ireland, Spain and a good few songs from Ireland, Nepal and the Caribean. We thank everyone for coming and we will be back on November the 9th. Remember, every 2nd Wednesday of the month!


This is something I wanted to upload some time ago. When Clairo, Xavi and myself met the first time in Galway we said “let’s get together in a music band and let’s play in pubs!”. We had two months to acomplish that goal, because we were all going to go different directons after that. We reharsed, we had lots of fun… and we made it: We  played in Neachtain’s, The Salt House and Nimmos as well as in a few streets, parties and gatherings!