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Since November 2011 we’ve been meeting once a month to share stories and songs by candle light… Happy anniversary! In the picture, some of the lovely people that make this event possible.

And have a look at the Storytellers of Ireland website! You will find some very interesting events and our story night is now listed in “Storytelling Groups”!
Des de novembre del 2011 ens hem estat reunint cada mes per compartir històries i cançons a la llum de les espelmes… Per molts anys Storytelling Evening! (nit the contacontes). A la foto, algunes de les persones sense les quals aquestes nits no serien possibles.

Si entreu a la web de Storytellers of Ireland (Xarxa de Narradors d’Irlanda), podreu trobar la nostra nit de contes a l’apartat “Storytelling Groups”!


Last Wednesday a dozen of people gathered in the International Resource Centre to spend the evening telling and listening to stories and songs. It was the first Tralee Storytelling Evening! As the organizers of this event, L and me are very satisfied with the outcome of this first edition. The dream of having a storytelling night in our town is now become a reality! We had stories from Hungary, Uganda, Ireland, Spain and a good few songs from Ireland, Nepal and the Caribean. We thank everyone for coming and we will be back on November the 9th. Remember, every 2nd Wednesday of the month!

We have been at Cape Clear Storytelling Festival. For three days our lives were filled with stories and songs in an amazingly beautiful location. In the picture dozens of shoes are drying in front of the hostel’s fireplace after coming back from one of the venues in the heavy rain. As soon as we got back we put on a “wamilin coo cavie”, which is a “boilig kettle” in the Cant language. It was one of the featured storytellers of this festival’s edition who taught us these words and told us to keep them as a treasure. Sheila Steward is a member of the Travellers community in Scotland and the last one in a line of people who could still speak the Cant language. She made me get goosebumps with her ballads and stories, some of them as old as eight centuries.