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Animal Stories in Budapest

Here you go. I’m flying to Hungary on Tuesday and I felt like publishing the poster of a storytelling performance I did last January in Budapest’s English bookshop “Massolit Books”. It w

as a great experience as I told part of the stories in Hungarian . Exciting! Hope to be back there for some more fun.


Volo a Hongria el dimarts i tenia ganes de publicar el poster d’un contacontes que vaig fer al Gener a la llibreria anglesa Massolit Books, a Budapest. Vaig explicar històries convinant anglès i hongarès, la qual cosa va ser molt emocionant! Espero tornar a la Massolit aviat



Halloween, celebrat el 31 d’octubre, és un festival de tradició celta. Tot i que serveix per celebrar la collita, la gent es disfressa de fantasmes i bruixes i tota mena de criatures horribles. Per què? Doncs perquè a part de celebrar la fi de l’estiu, és també dia en que el món dels vius i el món dels morts són mes aprop l’un de l’altre, i disfressar-se és una manera d’espantar els esperits. A la tarda del dia 31, la L, la Y y jo ens vam instal.lar a la “Medieval Experience” del Kerry County Museum (a la foto) per fer tremolar més de setanta nens i adults amb una sessio de contes de por vestides de bruixes pirules. La localització no podia ser millor: la recreació medieval de la vila de Tralee que es troba al soterrani de l’edifici! Una iluminació misteriosa, olors fetes a mida i la música de la Y van posar-nos a to per a narrar unes quantes històries, la majoria de les quals eren originals nostres.

Halloween, the Celtic festival of “Samhain”, is the day when the gap between the living and the dead is at its narrowest. That’s why people used to dress up, and they still do, to frighten ghosts away. On the afternoon, L, Y and myself dressed up as creepy witches to perform in Kerry County Museum. And what could be a better set than the museum’s recreation of Tralee’s medieval town? (The “Medieval Experience”, in the picture, a must see!). Luckily a big turn up of seventy kids and grown ups just fit in medieval Tralee’s only street! The lighting, the atmosphere, the smells and Y’s music inspired us to tell a few original stories on vampires, withes and other spooky creatures.


Since November 2011 we’ve been meeting once a month to share stories and songs by candle light… Happy anniversary! In the picture, some of the lovely people that make this event possible.

And have a look at the Storytellers of Ireland website! You will find some very interesting events and our story night is now listed in “Storytelling Groups”!
Des de novembre del 2011 ens hem estat reunint cada mes per compartir històries i cançons a la llum de les espelmes… Per molts anys Storytelling Evening! (nit the contacontes). A la foto, algunes de les persones sense les quals aquestes nits no serien possibles.

Si entreu a la web de Storytellers of Ireland (Xarxa de Narradors d’Irlanda), podreu trobar la nostra nit de contes a l’apartat “Storytelling Groups”!

Cape Clear Storytelling 2012

This was our second year going to the festival. It was a fantastic experience altogether. Meeting lovely people, cooking, listening to stories and songs, doing the workshop with Ed Stivender (who gave us two peacock feathers), having organic goat ice cream in a full moon night, daily swimming in the cold ocean, blackberries… and this time I told a couple of stories in the story swaps and sang a Catalan traditional song… exciting!

Here you go, a short video with some bits of one our monthly storytellings in Tralee Library, for those of you who keep on asking for it!


Aqui teniu! Un video curt amb bocins d’un dels contacontes que fem mensualment a la biblioteca de Tralee. Va per als que fa temps que m’ho demaneu!

Every afternoon, the children played in the garden / Cada tarda els nens jugaven al jardi

A few weeks ago I did a first performance of my show “The Giant’s Garden”. It took place in a public school of “La Mina”, a neighbourhood in Barcelona. The audience was 4 to 6 years old. In the show I told a version of Oscar’s Wilde “The Selfish Giant”. Both the characters and the set are all made in cardboard. The reason being that I’d like to explore on paper theatre, which is the kind of puppetry I’m most interested in. Besides, this means that I can pack the show flat in a suitcase and travel anywhere with it.


Fa unes setmanes vaig estrenar l’obra “El jardi del gegant”. Els nens de l’Escola de la Mina de Barcelona van ser els primers petits espectadors de l’espectacle. Aquest, es una versio del conte “El gegant egoista” d’Oscar Wilde. Tan el set com els personatges estan tots fets amb cartro gruixut, ja que estic molt interesada en la tecnica del teatre de paper, que es la forma de titelles que mes m’interessa.  A mes a mes, el fet que tot sigui pla em permet poder viatjar amb tot l’espectacle dins una maleta!

Last Wednesday a dozen of people gathered in the International Resource Centre to spend the evening telling and listening to stories and songs. It was the first Tralee Storytelling Evening! As the organizers of this event, L and me are very satisfied with the outcome of this first edition. The dream of having a storytelling night in our town is now become a reality! We had stories from Hungary, Uganda, Ireland, Spain and a good few songs from Ireland, Nepal and the Caribean. We thank everyone for coming and we will be back on November the 9th. Remember, every 2nd Wednesday of the month!

This is a little show that I did in a friend’s house for her daughter and some friends. It is made out of paper and I improvised it in a couple of days. The kids liked it and were quite scared by the wolf….

Mother Goat telling the kids to not let anyone in the house

In our storytelling session in Tralee Library, “Patim Patam Patum” told an Aesop fable: The Sun and the North Wind. The children are helping Sun to send warm rays to the woman so that she’ll remove her coat. It is a competition with the North Wind to see who’s stronger!