Since November 2011 we’ve been meeting once a month to share stories and songs by candle light… Happy anniversary! In the picture, some of the lovely people that make this event possible.

And have a look at the Storytellers of Ireland website! You will find some very interesting events and our story night is now listed in “Storytelling Groups”!
Des de novembre del 2011 ens hem estat reunint cada mes per compartir històries i cançons a la llum de les espelmes… Per molts anys Storytelling Evening! (nit the contacontes). A la foto, algunes de les persones sense les quals aquestes nits no serien possibles.

Si entreu a la web de Storytellers of Ireland (Xarxa de Narradors d’Irlanda), podreu trobar la nostra nit de contes a l’apartat “Storytelling Groups”!